Saturday, 15 July 2017

making marmalade

If you have ever found you have collected far too many lemons and oranges, marmalade is the way to go.

So after we collected all the fruit my sister's tree had dropped, time to get cooking!
Me being me, I was too lazy too lazy to cook the peel pith with the marmalade, but also didn't want to waste it, so I made it release the pectin in a separate pot.

And here is the fruit and zest cooking away. 
I peeled the fruit with a potato peeler, and soaked that overnight. I used that water though because I was worried about getting rid of flavour and pectin. I think i had one lot of jam that didn't set once when I accidentally got rid of all the pectin.
I need trick i learnt was to count the amount of water you need to cover the fruit as a guide to how much sugar. I have always weighed the fruit then added this amount of sugar. But the water measuring is much easier!

Interestingly, I found a science article where they microwave treated peel to get out the pectin, so I tried that too. I think there might be an experiment there!