Friday, 6 February 2015

fixing a broken zip with a broken slider

 Rather than unpicking and replacing a zip to fix a broken zip slider, it is much easier to take off just the slider, when your zip has all the teeth and works perfectly well  but  looks like this:

The first thing to do is remove the old zip slider off the jacket. You can gently widen the zip with a flat head screw driver to let it slide off the metal end, shown here, or take off the metal end itself. Be careful not to damage the teeth and keep the metal end.
 Then slide the old slider off . Remove a slider of a matching zip. ( You can just cut off the ends as I did because its not longer needed) Make sure the teeth and slider are exactly the same size, and colour match or use a contrast colour that works. You don't have to worry about the length of the zip, and if you are able to buy a zip head by itself or cannabis a another item do that. Alternatively, you might have to buy a matching zip, so go for the smallest size.

Once you have your zip head, slide the zip over the end of the zip where you removed the metal end, or slightly widen the new zip slider with a flat head screw driver to get it over the metal end.
Either way, make sure to put the zip faces the right way and with the wider end of the slider to the top of the jacket. Look at another zip if you are not sure.

Once you have the zip slider on, test it a few times then you are nearly there.  If you have widened the zip slider, gently return it to the original size with a pair of pliers, or use the pliers to return the metal end. Make sure that the zip can't come off that end even when the zip is just sliding on that side alone.

If the zip slides off, add another clip, use pliers to make the metal end fatter or even add stiches of a matching colour so the zip can't fall off.
If you ever have a zip slider that keeps sliding off, you can see its easy to fix.

By the way, if a zip slider won't close the teeth together you can try using pliers to close the slider gap slightly, as it might not be pressing the teeth together enough.

There you go- all fixed!