Sunday, 6 October 2013

boy's shirt of men's shirt

I have to admit that when I bought this men's shirt for my 16 year old as part of a 1970's dressup, I thought the colour would be great to refashion.

Originally, I was thinking of turning into a sunny top for myself but somehow that didn't work, so instead it quickly became a shirt for my son John, who has been complaining that he can't see the design on his favourite fishing shirt, because the design is on the back!

Here's a photo of my shirt being used as a pattern. in the end I did the same thing with John's shirt as I decided it would work better. I took note of where the button's were so that I could re-use this feature.
The first step was to divide the design, from emblibrary, into 2 to match the 2 pieces of the front, so I used mbx. Then, by putting it back together in horizon link I embroidered the front one piece at a time, since it sews them as 2 separate things one after the other.

Just for fun to use the details of the original shirt, the sleeves have the button of the men's cuff and I also used the original collar and just cut it to size, covering the join. Luckily, the original shirt had a fairly narrow collar. Of course, I used the original button holes as half the advantage of refashioning is that you don't have to do all those fine details yourself, although I did have to add a button hole at the front to make it like a boys shirt.