Saturday, 28 September 2013

making my own iPad cover

I couldn't find anything crazy enough for my iPad so decided to make the cover myself. I wanted something with a science theme, so started with this test tube embroidery on black fabric. I then traced the shape of the iPad on some cardboard from an old box, added about 1 cm around the outside to make the cover bigger. Then I used the cardboard as a template for the fabric and lining.
I made an envelope for the 2 card board pieces and top stitched around 3 sides to make a snugger fit. I also added a button tab at this time.
For the fourth side, I used an extra strip to make the binding to attach the top and bottom cover, then stitched that into place.

Finally, I used some black binding and elastic to make straps to hold the iPad in place, but not covering the touch screen or on button. You can see the cover is bigger than the iPad.

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