Thursday, 26 September 2013

making a floppy hat from a shirt

When I received a bag of clothes I knew I wanted to do something fun with this shirt.
It had a great, boyish strip.

I started  by hooping the back of the shirt, embroidering a number of dinosaur designs then cutting out the pieces, based on sewing for boys fishing hat, but making them a bit bigger to include the designs, so only needed 3 sides and brim pieces.

I also used a scrap of sheet for the lining, as I wanted something that would complement the green strip.

I first sewed the side seams to make a ring and then the circle top to give some fold lines to guide me. This would have been even more helpful if I'd kept the 4 side pieces. I attached the top on with both top and lining together.

 After putting the top together, I attached the brim to the edge, and top stitched just on the lining to make a neat edge that doesn't roll .

Here's the beginning of the lining ready for the next step.  I first added the side pieces ring, then pinned the last part down on the inside, but top stitched it from the outside, so the top seam is neat. Remember the top piece was already lined.

So here's Johnny modelling the hat, which he likes so much he hasn't taken it off!!
I'm surprised that I had to take out the 4th piece, as I was worried it might be too small I think I went too far the other way!

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