Saturday, 4 May 2013

remodelling a few items

I started off with these boys jeans that were really cute, but the elastic was too far gone. I had tried to thread  elastic through it, but it was no good, so I decided to do a re-model.
 First, I cut of the elastic and used one blade of a scissors to cut off the loop as well.

 Then I attached a piece of ribbing as well as encasing the elastic; here we go. i nice pair of jeans for the little fellow that won't fall down !

 Another remodel was needed on the sleeves on this top. The were annoying because they were too tight on the arms. I started by by removing the cuff, to end up with this piece and sleeves that were this. Actually, I'd rather not have the three quater length, but like the fit otherwise, so

I attached the extra fabic to make an ruffle, and there ... a top i can wear!

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