Tuesday, 5 February 2013

refashioning a blouse with french seam

This latest refashion was from a shirt my aunt handed down to me. I loved the colour, but it was a bit loose. Thanks Aunty Pia!!!
Since I had to cut along both side to take it in, I decided to add a bit detail; some machine embroidery . You can see how cute the design is, even though its actually white in came a bit pink in the photo. I used sticky stabliser to allow me to hoop this area.

Then I used a french seam to finish the side seams, you can see its a much nicer fit.

Here's a photo of a french seam, to give you more information. You basically sew closer to the edge with wrong sides togther( I use a foot that gives you about 2 mm of seam) as though you wanted to seam to show, then you fold the seam back on itself and sew right sides together as normal, but a bit wider- about 7 mm- this time. I used this seam so that the frayed edges were as encased neatly. I didn't have the exact colour thread, or overlocking may have been an option, but this french seam matches the style of the shirt anyway.

Anyhow, quite happy with the result, as I can see myself wearing it, and the embroidery is a fancy touch.

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