Sunday, 24 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

another excuse to embroider

I started off with this hand-me -down denim skirtt that was too big. The first thing i did was add some embroidery. I used a blue bird deisgn from emblibrary, but had fun with the colours. I might use variagated next time, as the 4 colour design allows for a bit of fun!
Anyhow, here is the skirt after the design!
Then I took in the skirt, by first removing the zip on the side, in order to keep the basic design of the skirt. I took it in on both sides. I ended up having to insert a longer zip so i could get it on more easily.

african vest


Hit the above link to have a look at my latest use of freebie embroideries!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

refashioning a blouse with french seam

This latest refashion was from a shirt my aunt handed down to me. I loved the colour, but it was a bit loose. Thanks Aunty Pia!!!
Since I had to cut along both side to take it in, I decided to add a bit detail; some machine embroidery . You can see how cute the design is, even though its actually white in came a bit pink in the photo. I used sticky stabliser to allow me to hoop this area.

Then I used a french seam to finish the side seams, you can see its a much nicer fit.

Here's a photo of a french seam, to give you more information. You basically sew closer to the edge with wrong sides togther( I use a foot that gives you about 2 mm of seam) as though you wanted to seam to show, then you fold the seam back on itself and sew right sides together as normal, but a bit wider- about 7 mm- this time. I used this seam so that the frayed edges were as encased neatly. I didn't have the exact colour thread, or overlocking may have been an option, but this french seam matches the style of the shirt anyway.

Anyhow, quite happy with the result, as I can see myself wearing it, and the embroidery is a fancy touch.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

new shorts for mum

here's the latest entry to the refashion coop: from these boy's pants to pants for mum

I always liked these shorts from my trendy 19 year old son. Unfortunately, he broke to metal clip so stopped wearing them.
Amazingly, they almost fit me except for hips etc, so I thought I would try to save them.
I undid the waist band and the side seam, which wasnt as horrible as it could have been. I kept the belt loops attached to the waist band.
Then i went searching for matching fabric but boring grey wasnt to be found, so opted for this girly print instead.
To take advantage of the extra matching fabric in the pocket added an insert into the pocket and then added more to the side seam to make the back part match. I also put a bit more fabric across the top as a bit more fabric there covers the knickers!
I had to take in the back waist a bit to allow for a more female waist.
Then I added matching fabric to the waist band front .
This is what I ended up with;