Tuesday, 25 December 2012

sunflowers in my garden

Why you should leave "volunteers" that accidently grow in your veggie patch:


Over winter we had a chicken house in the veggie patch, which resulted in some commercial bought sunflower seeds being planted in the garden, since my three year old sun is a bit messy when feeding the chickens!

I am very happy I left these plants when they germinated, as now I have some lovely sunflower flowers in the garden. Not only will they provide seeds for the chicken, but they are an attractant to the bees, and even the odd coloured native parrot. (As long as they share, I’m happy).

I have tried to grow sunflowers in the past, I can’t believe how attractive these one are. It must be all the fertiliser we added for the veggies.

We didn't plant this pumpkin either !!! Usually, you dont get pumkins off sell sown pumkins since the seed is sterile, but ours are actually fruiting well.

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