Monday, 24 December 2012

making a change purse

here is the change purse I recently made for one of my aunties for christmas.

After I turned a ladies skirt into a dress for a little girl, I had this lovely off cut complete with invisible zip.

I have been making a few change purses for christmas presents and decided this had potential
The first step was to cut out the purse shape keeping the zip. The most important part is to make show the slidder doesnt fall off or get cut off!

 My first thought was a french seamed little purse, but you couldnt move the zip when it was the right way round! i think thats because invisible zips are a bit funny.
So then I found some similar fabric to make a binding. the zip can now move and as a bonus the purse is bigger. 

Then I added some sequins to improve the look of the binding.

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