Monday, 24 December 2012

It was the night before christmas.....

Here are the gifts that have been taking up my time:
Here is a tablecloth i made for my grandmother. at first it was going to be just a cushion, but i like the look of it so went with a tablecloth.

 There is a bible quote about the lillies of the field, and then 3 other flower embroideryies from emblibrary. My grandmother has an awesome garden, so it suits her.
I also decided that my aunties would be getting change purses this year, so we have
the donut:

 One made out of an upcycle skirt remanent.
 A juke box,

And one made from recycle demin with jeans embroidered on them. I used double thinckness thread to get the shape to really stand out.

I liked the back pockets on that pair of jeans so made this cute little bag out of that part.

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