Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Attracting butterflies to the Garden for your kids

I dont know why this photo cant be turned!!!

I thought I would let you know about the fun my three year old is having. Here’s a kale I’ve got in the veggie patch- you might notice the insect damage.

Since we don’t eat the kale, but grew it as chook food, we didn’t bother to spray it for cabbage butterflies. Needless to say, the cabbage butterflies have been visiting us regularly, giving Johnny easy targets for his butterfly net. If he can’t catch one, there are always the caterpillars to investigate, meaning we have even more butterflies for Johnny to chase.

So, if you’ve got young kids visiting your backyard, I encourage you to let a cabbage family plant be a haven for the humble cabbage butterfly and give your kids hours of exercise.

This sacrificing of one or two plants is also an organic technique to defend your other veggies, as you could let the butterflies lay their eggs then feed the whole plant to the chooks, grubs and all, but hey we want the butterflies so we let them complete their lifecycle.

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