Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Recycling a cake

After 5 years in the freezer, the middle tier of our wedding cake is ready for its second life as a christening cake. Its chocolate mud cake, and since each layer was different, we havent even tasted it! I hope its good!

When it was a wedding cake, it was a lovely pink, with piped pink and white flowers, which matched the flower girls' dresses.

However, I didn't think James would appreciate a pink cake, so....

I made some molding icing and covered the pink lid, as well as concealing the dent in the middle from the other part of the cake being removed.

I then added more of the same tone of dye to make the molding icing darker and cut out some stars. This allowed me to cover up imperfection in both my top blue as well as dents and pink flowers on the sides.

I still had the boottees from my other son's christening, so they went on top. There you go, one christening cake with minimum effort.

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