Wednesday, 8 August 2012

crazy quilt complete

Thanks to my friend  Kristen I now have some beautiful photos of the carzy quilt I made for the cancer fundraiser.
I made the blockas then added some embroidery and quilting

You can see the quilting better on the back

And here the finised item:

easy top refashion

I spent an hour making this top out of a hand me down that was too loose. To find out more
have a look here.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

pirate pants

 I never wore this maternity top, though i did like the strippy fabric.

I used the pj/pants pattern from the Sewing for Boys pattern Book to cut out the pants. The I used my janome 12000 to put on the pirate image I have been dying to use. the pants are quite generous so i didnt need to make it the full length. You couls alway add a bit of extra fabric to make it full size anyway.
And here's the finished product- I added a matching waist band from the left over shirt fabric, as well as making a cuff at the ankle with ribbing fabric.