Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A use for an odd sock

I have been thinking of making this item for a while, since I was given a few cute odd socks in a pile of hand me downs. My three year old like dinosaurs I didn't want to throw this sock out but decided to use it for his younger brother.

So I cut it above the heel to keep the image and top rib and then cut in half to get two halves both with the dinosaur. I thought they'd be a mirror image but oh well. Then I got some scrap polar fleece to cut out sole and side. I cut the matching sock fabric between the toe and heel to use as a top band, and cut the ribbing free of the sock top so that I could make a neat seam. Here's what you end up with.

So then you attach rectangle of sock fabric to back of bottee, then picture part from original sock to new sides, then put on the sole, hand stitch the top down again loosely and there you have a recycled bottee . Here they are being modeled. I should have made the sole bigger as the model is growing too fast! They are nice and warm and don't fall off as easily as other bottees, due to the elasticity of the socks.

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