Friday, 13 July 2012

patch work quilt done!

well thanks to the great missour quilt company youtube videos, the first of 2 quilts i am making for a breast cancer fundraiser is done!

Thankfully, washing the pink polar fleece in water with metholated spirits did the trick to get rid of the chemical ( formaldehyde? ) smell.

 I made a pillow case to match. Thanks to Kristen for the better quality photos!

 I added the polar fleece backing, making sure there was a bit of extra. i did a bit of stitch in the ditch to attach it, as well as some quilting designs from the 12000.
A tiny snick with the scissor was also the inspiration for some little flowers scattered to hold the fllece the to top, and off course cover the one little oops!

Here's a close up of the quilting designs with stipple to attach the two layers. i didnt go too crazy, just enough to keep the layers neat.
now onto the crazy quilt!

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