Sunday, 1 July 2012

crazy quilt taking shape

Here are the 9 squares for my crazy quilt, which is also being given to the breast cancer fund raiser.
You can see there is a lot of colour there, which was the plan. I used the you-tube tutorial -
missour quilt company's crazy quilt
The tutorial is really easy to follow, though I didnt have the square guide and just decided  that the squares would be 17 inche square. I made my own 5 sided shape out of a bit of paper. The good thing with this type of quilt is that it gets rid of lots of scraps, is easy and fairly quick. You need to iron as you go so that the next piece sits nicely.
I haven't decided how they will be arranged yet, but will be doing some machine embroidery on there as well. I might also add some other embellishment depending on where the mood takes me.
I'm thinking its going to be like a knee rug size.

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  1. Looks great Marianne. Lovely & colourful with nice pinkness. You have an eye for combining things in a viuslly pleasing manner as well as the skill to do it.Thanks again.Kristen