Saturday, 9 June 2012

woman's shorts to boys pants

 I wanted to do a refashion that had a bit of remodelling to it. I bought these shorts for myself last summer to wear when I was in late pregnancy. I don't need them now- but my 3 years old needs more play pants- so out come the scissors!

I wanted to keep the detail of the pants so cut away the sides, trying to make the waist the correct width based on his waist measurement.
 I added the extra fabric to the bottom to make them longer. The side pockets on the shorts became pockets below the knee.

Then I did some 3 needle topstitching as this was on the original shorts, added some elastic to the waist to make them fit better and also covered the side seams on the waist with a epilet and button rescued from the scraps. The coverstitcher was great for the triple stitch.
They look a bit wide at the leg, so when little man wakes up I'll try them on him and see if they need to be taken in a bit on the crotch seam!

OK, they were a bit baggy on the crotch so I just undid the hem and cut along the inside leg and took up the crotch a bit. i also corrected the front leg being too long now by adding a few pleats at the knee, as you see on some baggy pants.

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