Monday, 25 June 2012

heart shaped quilt block

After being inspired by the missouri quilt company you tube videos, i have been making some heart shaped quilt blocks to go a in a single bed cover i am making for a charity raffle. In the video you start with a charm pack, but I cut out 6 inche squares because they fitted better with what i here
You start with 4 squares on main colour and 2 squares of the contrast. i also used strips of this contrast colour. as they show you in the video, fold 2 squares in half and iron to create a digonal line corner to corner to sew along.  i just sewed this line then cut to make 2 triangles.
the off cut contrast triangle i then fold in half then half again and pressed, to get more lines. when cut you get 4 little triangles.
i wanted a rounder heart then you get on the video. i positioned the triangles on the corner of the main colour, as shown. i then sewed done, iron and trimmed to get a top quarter of the heart.

 It really important to iron after each line sewed, so the seams sit flat. here it is ready to assemble.
and here it is all assembled with the contrast border. You have to make sure you line up the seams and also that the point at the bottom is nice and sharp.
i dont do much quilting, so i probably did a lot of things wrong, butit all good! 

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