Saturday, 16 June 2012

another maternity top to experiment on

 You can see I've already put in the front opening on this maternity top.

I had great fun adding an embroidery design, althought he design was far to dense for the t-shirty material. The embroidery is "bullet proof' and will probably have to be ironed to keep it flat. Its also too far under the arm so one of the butterflies is hidden oh well, at least its colourful.

I nearly went mad when the thread broke every 30 seconds at the start- luckily it was just the first colour being fussy.

I'm thinking of adding a metallic zip to the front, but I might use the coversticher so its easy to remove if i dont like it.

OK, the zip was too hard to get even so i went with a coverstitched front.Looks ok and nice and comfy!

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