Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hat and belt for sewing for boys sewalong

I really felt bad that i missed the last month's treasure pants, due to too much playing with janome 12000, so at the last minute I did the may task of the fishing hat and belt. You can see that the fishing hat has fishing lures on it ( with my 9000) and the belt matches. I used a different buckle that i already had for the belt so tinkered the design slightly.
Instead of the raggedy edges I added more seam allowance to the hat so that i could make a neater finish. its still too small for the 3 year old, but that's ok because by summer it will fit the baby. My three yo need the belt because all the pants fall down. I bought a fat square of this fabric because i liked it so much, so quite please i could do so much with it. The plain blue is the left over from some curtains I was given, so its refashioning as well.

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