Thursday, 31 May 2012

refashion co op for June

My latest addition to the refashion co-op is now done !
I had lots of fun doing the embroidery by using varigated thread again. I used it as an early element, then used complementary single colours for the rest of the design.
i also used the coverstitcher to duplicate the double row stitch on the front. Being able to change the width to match the original was great.

Hat and belt for sewing for boys sewalong

I really felt bad that i missed the last month's treasure pants, due to too much playing with janome 12000, so at the last minute I did the may task of the fishing hat and belt. You can see that the fishing hat has fishing lures on it ( with my 9000) and the belt matches. I used a different buckle that i already had for the belt so tinkered the design slightly.
Instead of the raggedy edges I added more seam allowance to the hat so that i could make a neater finish. its still too small for the 3 year old, but that's ok because by summer it will fit the baby. My three yo need the belt because all the pants fall down. I bought a fat square of this fabric because i liked it so much, so quite please i could do so much with it. The plain blue is the left over from some curtains I was given, so its refashioning as well.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Extending a doona

I really needed a doona cover that would allow both my husband's super thick doona and my thinner one to fit in together, so i did a refashion on an existing cover with 3 pillow cases, added a flower with my janome 12K and here's the result. I had to add some matching fabric on the back to get it as wide as possible.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

using variegated embroidery thread

I recently was experimenting with some very open ( low dense) designs from emblibrary and wanted to show you the difference varigated thread can make to a design compared to plain thread.

You can see the second design has a lot more interest due to the use of 2 variegated threads versus the plain thread, which was my first attempt. The open design really makes the thread's variation in colour work for you.