Thursday, 5 April 2012

sewing for boys - the book

Ok, from the outset I have to say this is the best resource I have come across for a long time for a busy mum who love to sew for her kids. Its got easy to trace and cut out patterns and lots of good ideas.
There are a few errors being a first edition, so make sure you go to their website here and look up the errata, or even check out the web, to see what others have found.

Here the 2 in 1 jacket, which does need a correction for the pocket position for smaller sizes, as the one on the pattern is for the biggest size only. I traced my pattern, then lined up my side seam to the size 6-7 side seam so the pocket's in the right place. If you don't do this, your welt pocket will be too far back and unfortunately as this pocket is cut into the main fabric you'er buggered really.

I made this one for my son, who has a fascination for these lovely elephant buttons, hence the theme. The welt pocket take about 50% of the total time of the project but are a great look. Do follow the authors' advice and practice first!
here is the reverse side:
Actually this was my second attempt- I used the animal print below but it was too girly so I had to unpick it ! I wish I'd know that before I did the button holes!

Here is the jacket in a football theme, as well as a pink one to complement the animal print. I've since done two more girls- on pink and hounds tooth, and one red and tartan. All look good.
To change things up a bit, I've been experimenting with the buttons placement and did one with snaps and a fake button just on the neck, and one with two toggles/ buttons and a tie over.

Here is the just like dad robe. I used pink fleece, with another floral stretch to complement, as this one is for my niece. Rather than line it, I just did a facing  which seems to have worked out ok.

Another mistake in the book is that the front pattern has been cut in half to make it fit on the sheet, and you have to join it back together before you cut it out. There is a star on each edge as a clue, but its not mentioned in the instruction unless you get the errata .

I actually made a mistake when I cut out the sleeves last, meaning there wasn't enough fabric. That's why there is the lovely floral feature on the back of each sleeve! I find you can get away with a lot if you just make it symmetrical, so both sleeves are half floral.

 Here is my attempts at Mr two face, which I did for Stacey's sew along

I thought the pocket looked great, but it was hard to get neat. I did two on one pair, though this made it harder as they need to be exactly right to look symmetrical.

Here are the PJ's which are made with one meter of fleece I had in my stash. luckily I had a complementary piece to get me out of trouble when I ran out of the lettered one.
This pattern is very useful. Apart from the PJ's themselves, which are very cool, I made this tracksuit for my 3 year old to wear when he goes to see his big brother play; I cost me $2 to make!

 You have to use the linen shirt addition to get the neck line right. I used a rectangle collar and added some elastic in a casing and there you have it!

PS Sorry about the foot.....

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