Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easiest Ever Children's Dressup

This is my favorite kid's dress up re-fashion. I made about a thousand of these when I was manager of a charity shop, where they sold much better than the boring black skirt they were made from !
You will need: one fairly long black skirt, preferably lined
( or sparkly for invisibility cloak, wizard, red for dracular etc), black ribbon for ties or a loop and big button, another piece of fabric for the collar approx 40x40 cm.

1. Cut off waist band and cut away the back seam to remove any shaping at the back split as well as the zip. This is the front of your cape.

2. Hem along side edges - bottom already done for you! Depending on construction you may do this to lining separately or as one piece. Gather along the top- ignore the shaping on the skirt, it won't matter

3. Fold collar in half right side together and sew side seams. Turn right sides out.

4. Attach collar along one edge to gathered top, then top stitch other edge of collar being sure to catch ties or loop for button. Add big button as desired

Here's the model as a vampire, hence the make up!
here's a copy of the tut i did on refashion-co

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