Friday, 6 April 2012

birthday cakes

Birthday Cakes have been a hobby for some time. I find that you can get away with lots of things just by covering the cake in icing and adding some lollies!

Here is the crocodile from last year. I just made 2 rectangular cakes and cut out the shape. I used the rise in the cake to give the snout shape of the crodile, and added some spear mint leaves bananas and licorice to give it detail.
For the ice cream cake I used some thick Styrofoam I had saved from some delivery to cut out the shape, leaving a mould, and put a few layers of cling wrap over it, then filled it with ice cream and  froze it. i made my own ice cream but i'm sure you could let a normal ice cream tub partly defrost.
When it was frozen I broke the Styrofoam mould away and turned it out. It didn't look bad but i decided to ice it with an icing made by adding  icing sugar to fresh cream, more green colour and more lollies- there you go the Raaaa Cake.

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