Wednesday, 4 April 2012

applique with older embroidery machine- janome 8000

Here is a tutorial on using a standard embroidery design to do an applique. I was using the janome 8000 when I did this.
 Choose a design with a satin stitch outline that's fairly wide, and hopefully where the fabric is not covered by embroidery, or you'll have to skip those elements. You can replace just one colour using fabric.
 This design is from the memory card 2 that every one got with the janome 8000.

Step 1: Outline on the applique fabric the design and cut it out- don't be too generous. It was applied to red fabric.

Step 2: repeat the  outline on the fabric to be appliqued : You may have restart design if its not normally an applique:

Step 3: position cut out applique and start machine so it tacks over the edge. Many designs will do this before the satin stitch if its an outline. If not , redo outline . If you have too much fabric you may be able to trim it in the hoop at this point, if you're careful.

Step 4; Let machine embroidery satin stitch over raw edge and other design features.
If necessary skip any colours that would cover the fabric unnecessarily. ( I skipped one colour to give a felt jacket to a bunny rabbit once- if you have a janome 8000 you know the design)

The applique was applied to plain fabric then made into a jacket. I put two more on the jacket directly as well. I would suggest you practice first. its much less stressful if you know what you are doing.:)

what a fluke having matching buttons!
for more applique see my first digitizing atempt on this blog :)


  1. I have a Janome 350E and have been told there is an applique program I can download for it, but I cannot get the SD card to open when I put it in the slot. Do you know anything about this?

    1. hi,
      all embroidery machines can applique in the fashion I have demonstrated ie with a predetermined pattern. free hand applique with a zigzag is only possible on a dual purpose machine.
      The 350 will have the ability to applique in that some embroidery designs leave a space for the fabric to show through- this makes no difference the machine. it might also have stops which the user needs to trim etc, but i'm sure these are programmed just as normal stops for changing thread . MBX and other digitising software allows you to specifically make applique designs. Please write again if I can be more help and also have a look on for more information- thanks for your question ;)