Monday, 2 April 2012
upcycle skirt into toy;

here the latest project, turning my late mother-in-law's favorite skirt into a toy bunny for my son James. he's only 5 months old so she never even knew he existed, which is a shame because she lived for her grand kids.

i'm using the free pattern from this site;

Well i cut out the pieces today. One problem, do you leave a seem allowances when cutting on this pattern ??? Oh well, if you do i'm sure the toy will look cute even if I haven't.
I decided to make it mostly this skirt fabric with a bit of contrast in the ears and tail. hopefully it will finished soon. maybe if James stays asleep a bit longer.
 here is the finished product. I think he's cute, though i would be tempted to allow a seam allowance next time as I think the flat material makes the bunny thin looking. It was pretty easy, though I wouldnt be surprised if i didnt do it exactly right

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