Monday, 26 March 2012

hi all,
the latest project is a new tracksuit for john ( 3) for when we go to watch Luke play soccer.
Luckily i got 2 meters of the correct colour fabric in parachute material for just $2 at the shed in fairfield, so its a very cheap outfit.
I'm not lining it as the weather can be a bit variable during the soccer season, so if its cold he'll wear it over another tracksuit..
thank goodness for that bag of jacket zips on ebay- they are going to be life saver i can see!
by the way i used the pj's /linen shirt from patterns by figgy's Sewing For Boys to create this. it works well as the longer pants allowed for the elastic, i just added a bit more length for the sleeves and jacket to encase elastic and did a rectangular collar.
As i dont have an image like the club logo i just did the name.